How to prevent from heart diseases

How to prevent from heart diseases
How to prevent from heart diseases

Heart is a main organ of the human body and body health depends on heart health. In case of heart illness the whole body complaints about various diseases. Due to week immune system by heart illness. the body may can suffer from illness time to time, So keep the body healthy, it is essential to keep the heart healthy and try to prevent heart from all type of heart diseases through all prevention methods. In this article, we are going to describe about How to prevent from heart diseases.

How to prevent from heart diseases

Why a person suffer from heart diseases?

We can say that whenever a person eats unhealthy, extra fatty foods and in result he may suffer from heart diseases and also have to face heart stroke and heart attack. Then continuously medication is essential. Prevention is better from suffering from heart diseases. The heart specialists and general physician advise and suggest to adopt prevention methods to keep heart healthy.

There are three types of prevention

primary prevention
secondary prevention
primordial prevention

Person have to adopt one type of these three types. All these types are similar in some elements and different in some elements. The difference is in when prevention must to start and when it is optionally.

When heart experts talk about prevention, they usually refer to one of three types: primary, secondary and primordial prevention. All three have similar elements, but different according to the starting times and different effects on the body.

primary prevention

As we have mentioned above that due to unhealthy diets a individual can suffer from heart diseases. when heart diseases had developed and person already have developed cardiovascular risk factors, such as high cholesterol in the body or hypertension. Cardiovascular risk factors, mean atherosclerosis, inflammation and /or endothelial dysfunction are already at work. These complications had developed and , in most cases, aren’t reversible.

Purpose of primary prevention

primary prevention is necessary when any person have been suffering from heart diseases for some time or at risk of heart disease from having a first heart attack or stroke and heart specialist had suggested angioplasty or surgery.

In primary prevention, the doctor suggests some steps, such as taking medication in case of essential requirement, changing lifestyle and keep avoid from unhealthy foods to save person from further complication and heart attack or stroke.

Secondary prevention

When have to take secondary prevention step ?

Secondary prevention step have to take when someone has a heart attack or stroke and after this incident , he had undergone bypass or angioplasty or after heart attack, any severe complication or any form of heart disease had developed to the patient.

In this situation, many types of medicine need to start such as cholesterol-lowering statin to lower the cholesterol level if diagnosed high, or aspirin to To thin the blood if the blood is thick.

In case of the patient is smoker then the doctor will advise him to quit smoking and also suggest to loosing the weight in case of patient obese and overweight. In this condition, mostly physicians advise daily walk and exercise. One thing is very important in all conditions that is healthy diets.

These all suggestions and advises are to prevent the patient from next heart attack or stroke, because next heart attack is cause death or severe Disability. Mostly it is observed that 2nd heart attack may can cause death, So after 1st heart attack the secondary prevention is not only necessary but also essential to survival.

Primordial prevention

Generally, the people are healthy and free from any diseases unless they suffer from any disease due to any causes. Due to unhealthy foods, fatty diet, smoking, alcoholic, any drug side effects and any heredity reason a human can suffer from any disease. To avoid any disease suffering, human must take all the steps who can prevent him from suffer from diseases, we can call these steps Primordial prevention.

Primordial prevention means existing from the beginning or start before suffering from disease as a precaution.
What are the steps in primordial prevention?

There are two main steps in primordial prevention

1- Taking steps to avoid the causes who can develop Heart Disease in the body such as atherosclerosis, inflammation and endothelial dysfunction.
2- Taking steps to avoid occurring directly heart diseases such as excess weight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and ultimately cardiovascular events and also taking steps avoid causes of these complications.
As soon as is possible, we can start practicing primordial prevention, we can start steps practicing primordial when we understand what we have to do. As long as we follow the prevention rules we can avoid from heart diseases.

What Steps for the primordial prevention of heart diseases?

Unhealthy lifestyle and imbalance diets increase the risk of developing heart diseases. So to adopting the healthy life style, we have to take five key lifestyle steps who can dramatically reduce the chances of developing heart diseases and cardiovascular risk factors and ultimately heart disease.

  • 1. Not smoking
  • 2. Exercising
  • 3. Maintaining a healthy weight
  • 4. Following a healthy diet
  • 5. Improving sleep health

    Not smoking

    To prevent from heart diseases, it is very necessary to quit smoking and this is a best step to prevent from developing heart diseases, First best wisdom is not tot to start smoking and second is quit if unfortunately have started. All types of tobacco must not use for good heart health.There are many bad effects of smoking such as make the man sick and lazy. By making the man sick and cancer patient can short the man life. Smoking for the long time push the man into heart disease.

    According to the medical science after too many Experiments and researches, quitting smoking can reduce the risk of heart diseases. After quitting smoking, the rate of all causes of sudden death may can reduced even up to after 20 years quitting the smoking.

    Among the people, smoking is one of the toughest unhealthy habits to break. Main chemical in tobacco who effect the man is nicotine and nicotine in the tobacco products deliver is one of the most addictive substances around. So we can guess its side effects on human health and heart health specially.
    As the smoking quitting is concern, many smokers do quit and it is not impossible. Large numbers of smokers had quit the smoking. When a man has know about the hazards of smoking and benefits of quitting, then no delay to smoking quit.

      Exercise and physical activities

      There is a saying that prevention is better than treatment. its mean precaution is better than medication. Before suffering from heart diseases it is better we take steps of precaution. To start precaution, first step is starting exercise regularly and continue physical activities.

      We have to know that exercise and physical activities are best method to prevent not only from heart disease and many other diseases but also keep the body healthy. unfortunately, majority of us do not take interest in it.
      According to the physical health specialists, regular physical activities are the best things you can do for your health.

      This practice can reduce the risk of heart diseases, further, more can prevent from certain cancer. By lowering the extra calories in the body, it can prevent from diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and certain cancers,
      It is discovered that exercise and physical activities help control stress, keep weight in check, improve sleep, boost mood, and not only reduce the risk of falling but also improve cognitive function in older adults.

      There is no need to any special training or marathon training to see real health gains. Daily 20 to 30 minutes brisk walk will provide physical benefits generally and heart health specially. So start continue exercise for good health.

      20 to 30 minutes daily light exercise and physical activities are beneficial for our body, on the contrary, laziness and sedentary lifestyle not only develop bad effects on body and also cause some diseases such as diabetes and obesity, while these effects can cause heart diseases.

      Maintain the body weight

      Being overweight and obese also a main cause of heart diseases and hypertension. obesity and overweight with an extra-large waist size not only can increase the risk of heart diseases but also develop many other health problems.

      It discovered in research and study on millions of women that body-mass index (BMI) was a strong risk factor for coronary heart disease.

      Men and women, who became obese and they gained weight about 11 to 22pounds after the age of 20, they were in great risk of heart diseases up to three time than other normal persons. they were not only in risk of heart diseases but also in risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and gallstones.

      Remember that every body weight must be according to the BMI. Height and weight must be according to the BMI calculation. Body weight must be according to the height, if your height is some taller then weight would be some extra. It is the reason that specialists have devised several measures that account for both weight and height.

      Formula to count weight with height

      To calculate the body weight according to the BMI, you have to divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared (kg/m2). In this regard there are table available.

      Table to count height and weight

      Table to account weight and hight
      Table to count weight and height

      Follow a healthy diet

      Harvard Healthy Eating Plate

      Which are the healthy diets who are helping for the heart health, nutrient specialists are researching on it for the many years. They are searching the connection between diet and heart health specially individual nutrients like cholesterol. The foods who are high in dietary cholesterol such as eggs and beef, specific vitamins and minerals and types of fats.
      It is discovered from these researches that we are living with usefulness diets and foods. People do not know properly what diets are useful for heart health and what is harmful, they only eat foods for joy and taste, not nutrients.

      The balance diet is best for heart health. the diet who includes fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish, poultry, whole grains, and vegetable oils etc, not only useful for heart health but also can help to prevent from heart diseases.

      The people take balance diet with dietary pattern, according to the research, the had a 33% lower risk of diabetes, a 31% lower risk of heart disease and 20% lower risk of stroke. In some areas, the diet is supplemented and make powerful with rich sources of unsaturated fat such as extra-virgin olive oil or nuts, to reduce the chances and incidences of major cardiovascular events in heart patients and save them from heart attack and stroke.

      Did the low-fat diets are useful for health ?

      From the research, it is discovered that low-fat diets are not beneficial to heart health. It is important to include the healthy fat such as nuts and olive oil in the diets, by this way not only we can improve heart health but also loose the extra body weight.

      Potassium and sodium both mineral are important for body health generally and for heart health specially. These both mineral play basic and vital role to keep the heart healthy and also to keep blood pressure normal.

      It is called that the potassium salt is useful for heart and brain, whereas the sodium keep the blood circulation in control but its extra amount in the blood can increase blood pressure range.According to the medical specialists, people must eat potassium rich foods mostly and less sodium usage in the foods to
      lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

      Low fat dairy,fruits, vegetables, and legumes are rich in potassium, so these articles must use in daily diets. On the contrary the foods rich in sodium must use in less amount in diets. Packaged snacks, canned goods, processed breads and fast-food meals are rich in sodium because extra amount of sodium included in these meal to make extra tasty, so to avoid to heart diseases such diets must use in less amount.

      Remember that skimping on potassium in meals can increase cardiovascular disease risk.

      Improving sleep health

      According to the medical specialists, complete sleep is very essential for the heart health. As the cardiovascular health is concern, heart patient must complete sleep duration.

      How much sleep duration must be, it depends on heart disease. sleeping long or short time than requirement can develop negative effects affect on other heart-related risk factors.

      What are the causes of poor sleep ?

      There are many causes of poor sleep include:-

      clinical sleep disorders
      working overnight shifts
      poor sleep hygiene

      In case of sleep disorder, frequent restless nights or remaining or feeling adequately rested during the day, person must consult the doctor to solve the problem.
      Improvement in sleep habits and complete rest can make a good change in behavior.

      To getting healthy benefits from sleep it is necessary to make the improvement among the sleep. It is important to set a schedule among the sleep, how much should be the sleeping duration, when must be go on bed and when to awake up. To follow this schedule, stopping use of electronic devices an hour before bedtime. Taking light meal is better instead of heavy meal to good sleep. Caffeine products and alcoholic drinks destroy the sleep schedule and heart health also. Remember that don’t forget to doing light exercise or walk between sleep and meal.

      Some important steps and factors to consider

      We have submitted five steps to prevent the heart diseases, but more some steps are suggested from medical specialists such as managing blood sugar, controlling cholesterol and and managing blood pressure for improving and maintaining cardiovascular health.

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