8 foods rich in vitamin D keep diabetes under control

8 foods rich in vitamin D
8 foods rich in vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important salt of the body. Being Vitamin D in the body is essential to keep the body healthy. In case of, the Vitamin D become less than essential rage, many complications may can develop in the body such as diabetes. In this case, there is need to take foods who fulfill the need of Vitamin D. In this article, we are going to submit 8 foods rich in vitamin D keep diabetes under control

8 foods rich in vitamin D keep diabetes under control and strengthen bones

Our body needs adequate nutrients including vitamins and minerals on a daily basis to carry out its daily functions in a healthy manner and among these vitamins, vitamin D is a very important vitamin which if deficient in the body.

Vitamin D deficiency

There are two terms of Vitamin D deficiency,

Short term deficiency
log term deficiency

In case of short term Vitamin D deficiency, may can develop bone pain, depression, muscles weakness and weakness of immune system in the human body.
In case of long term Vitamin D deficiency, may can develop hypertension, psoriasis, osteoporosis, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer and type 2 diabetes.

The biggest source of Vitamin D is sunlight. in case of Vitamin D deficiency, exposing skin to the sunlight for 20 to 30 minutes daily can provide our body essential Vitamin D. By getting essential Vitamin D from sunlight we can reduce the of diabetes and other serious medical conditions.
This great source of Vitamin D is a gift of God and also free of cost.

We can get daily intake of vitamin D for our body through many foods such as nuts, fish oils, dietary supplements, eggs and some fortified cereals. Where these foods provide Vitamin D, there are too many health benefits of these foods.

How Vitamin D helps to control the blood glucose in body

According to the diabetes specialists, Vitamin D develop good effects on diabetic persons through many mechanisms. It is discovered through many searches that pancreas contains 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, the receptors for the active vitamin D metabolite. This 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, is important and necessary for the synthesis and secretion of insulin by the pancreatic beta cells.

Diabetes specialists suggest vitamin D supplementation to management of the diabetes type 2. Because by reducing the insulin resistance in the body the Vitamin D, helps maintain a normal glycemic status of body in diabetics. Here we have to know that insulin resistance is main causative factor for diabetes.

The results of a study published in the United States on vitamin D concluded that vitamin D not only helps in controlling diseases such as diabetes, but also plays an important role in preventing the development of diabetes. And research shows that vitamin D also helps fight tuberculosis bacteria in the lungs.

Sunlight is a major source of vitamin D and even though most places in Pakistan get plenty of sunshine every day, it is estimated that more than 80% of Pakistan’s population suffers from some form of vitamin D deficiency. .

Vitamin D is also called the sunshine vitamin, but sunlight is not the only way to get it, but there are also some foods and drinks from which this vitamin can be obtained in abundance, and in this article, 7 such Only foods that are rich in vitamin D are being added.

How much Vitamin D range in the body

Normal range of Vitamin D in the body must be between 20 to 56 ng/ml accordingly (50-140 nmol/l). Below than this range mean below than 20 ng/ml considered deficient. Below the 20 ng/ml can develop complication in the body such as diabetes.
Above the normal range of Vitamin D up to 60 to 80 ng/ml in the body, may can help to keep blood glucose level under control in diabetic persons. Extra range of Vitamin D in the body palys a vital role to control the blood glucose level in the diabetic persons.

How much essential need for a adult body

The nutrient specialists suggest that minimum 2000 IU of Vitamin D should be present in the body blood compulsory. It is essential to keep to optimal level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) accordingly 89 nmol in the blood. To keep the blood glucose level at the control level, this is the sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

As the less than 50 nmol of Vitamin D in the older persons is concern, they are two time in risk of diabetes type 2. Moreover, associate degree inverse correlation will exist between the calciferol standing and HbA1C level, that could be a well-recognized marker for impaired aldohexose metabolism.

Remaining Vitamin D in the essential rang in the body develop two good effects on the body,

Decreases the extra body weight
Decreases the risk of obesity of the body

It is fact that obesity and extra body weight are main causes of diabetes type 2. Because the Vitamin D reduces the body weight and obesity of the body, this the reason, the Vitamin D is good way to decrease the risk of diabetes.

How the body weight become extra,

Eating the foods more than need and hunger
Extra generation of parathyroid hormone in the blood

Vitamin D can regulate appetite by increasing the blood leptin leve. due to less hunger and essential foods the extra body weight can be reduced. To control the fat in the body, use of Vitamin D is not only helpful but also compulsory requirement.
Along with regulate appetite Vitamin D can reduce the parathyroid hormone generation and this reduction in the long run can trigger weight loss mechanisms.

8 foods rich in vitamin D keep diabetes under control

Foods rich in vitamin D

No. 1 Eggs:

Eggs are considered as super foods and they contain a large amount of protein as well as many important nutrients for the body including vitamin D. If increased, they prevent vitamin D deficiency and provide the body with adequate nutrients throughout the day and prevent constipation.

No 2: Yogurt:

This super food is considered a probiotic food and contains bacteria that are extremely beneficial for our digestive system, but yogurt is also rich in vitamin D and if consumed daily If done on the basis of, it has very good effects on the health of the whole body.

No. 3 Milk:

This food plays the most important role in human growth because it contains nutrients like calcium and protein and vitamin D is also found in milk, but it is important for adults to consume milk. Use at night before going to bed as it is more beneficial for them to drink milk before going to bed and helps to keep the body calm during sleep.

No. 4 Spinach:

Rich in iron, this vegetable is considered very beneficial for health in many ways as it produces blood and also contains vitamin D. If spinach is included in the daily diet, It plays an important role in preventing vitamin D deficiency.

No. 5 Mushroom:

This vegetable is not very common in our country but since some time people have started to understand its benefits, this vegetable rich in fiber can also play an important role in removing vitamin D deficiency. .

No. 6 Soya:

The seeds of this plant are also rich in many essential elements for health, especially it is a good source of protein and the presence of vitamin D in it makes it beneficial for health in many ways. .

No. 7 Cheese:

In our country, cheese is not used much in food and it is replaced by curd, and although both curd and cheese are made from milk and are rich in vitamin D, the vitamin D contained in cheese and Calcium strengthens bones and muscles and it also enhances the taste of food.

No. 8 Fish:

Fish with high fat content is considered to be very beneficial for health because it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are very good for the heart and also rich in vitamin D. and if it is included in the daily diet, it gives four moons to the health.

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